Healthy family guideline

A guideline to follow for a Healthy Family

Be a good role model! Eat a variety of foods and engage in daily physical activity with your child.

Start the day with breakfast and encourage children to eat. Studies show they will be more alert, better able to learn and have more energy for play.

Serve healthy meals that are low in fat and refined sugars. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products each day.

Encourage children of all ages to help with meal preparation. Involvement often improves children’s interest in eating. Very young children can help by putting napkins and utensils on the table; older children can assist with washing fruits and vegetables or stirring.

Turn off the television and eat meals together. Use the opportunity to engage children in conversation.

Involve children in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Plan family activities that are enjoyable and that everyone can do together, such as walking the dog, swimming, riding bicycles, skating, playing golf, baseball, playing kickball or gardening in the backyard.

Let children know they are LOVED. Acknowledge the positive things they do each day and minimize any criticism possible.

Assign children age-appropriate responsibility around the house, such as feeding the dog or cat, bring in the newspaper, dust off the furniture, vacuuming or folding the clothes. Encourage their efforts even if the results aren’t what you are expecting!




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